New mention notifications? Also, notifications out of order

ǝɔı†snɾ 8 years ago updated by Nicole Swanson 6 years ago 2

Support for new 'mentions' on other people's pictures would be good.  Once they respond to me, I can't see it unless I go on the mobile app or check the picture manually.  —–  Also, the notifications are WAY out of order sometimes.   It notifies me of a comment that was posted days ago.. as if it were new.  It also does this with likes.

When I comment on my own photo, there should be no need for it to show up in my mentions.  I figure Instagrille would know that it was me commenting.. and not have to notify me about it.

I completely agree.  The only reason I downloaded this app was to receive notifications on my desktop... Including Mentions!!!

Yes I was just about to post this exact question. The most frustrating thing about this app is not having an option to view 'photos of me' when tagged by others. I hope this gets fixed soon.