Instagrille is an Instagram app for your PC.
ZhakuRo 4 years ago 0
Notification such as new comments, new followers and likes aren't popping out for me anymore, maybe you can apply a fix to it?

Have tried uninstall and reinstall, nothing happen.
Chris Blasco-Hayne 5 years ago • updated by Macy Nguyen 3 years ago 3
Hello there, i can't like any more photos, i uninstalled reinstalled, then did the same with Pokki, restarted the computer the whole shabang and still when i go to like photos it says "opse something went wrong" i really love this app and am genuinely devastated it's not working anymore


Hi Chris,

Sorry for the late response. Were you signed into Instagrille when this issue was occuring? Did you try signing out and signing back in? Is it still occuring? Please let me know, thanks!

Anabi Mou 3 years ago • updated by FOURE DIMA 3 years ago 8
pricesabonita-8 5 years ago 0

When I log into my instagram through a phone, I can see who sent a request to follow me, but not through my computer on instagrille. Why?

Ariff Rashid 3 years ago • updated by mal 2 years ago 4
Tj Ó Seamállaigh 3 years ago 0
It has been like that almost a week now. Is this the new policy for instagrille/pixsta?
Javier Mouriño 5 years ago 0

mas users are still waiting and willing to use instagrille on a mac, any news about it? when is it coming out?


Hi Esther - do other parts of Instagrille continue to work? Does closing and restarting the app resolve your issue when it arises? Thanks for your help.

Adriana 5 years ago • updated by Joshua Liberles 4 years ago 1

It would be so helpful if we could use more than one account at the same time. Your app is great :)

oracle_young 5 years ago 0

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