Instagrille is an Instagram app for your PC.
Denise K 4 years ago 0

is it possible for instagrille to add a video playing function?

Aiida Coll 4 years ago • updated by Maureen Fry 4 years ago 2
This app needs to allow you send direct messages please, it would be extremely helpful!!
Shɑяon Lopez 5 years ago 0
i dont know upload photos from my computer.
Mihkel Luur 4 years ago 0

I've been a long time Instagrille user and I'd like to suggest some features I've been missing: 

  • We definitely need a notification when someone mentions you in their comment or picture with your @username
  • We need an upload feature. You may say it's impossible, but it has already been done by Gramblr and I'm personally using it frequently. Don't worry - link is not a virus (I personally uploaded it).
  • Another cool feature would be a possibility to see who has unfollowed you or is not following you back (this may be checked maybe once in hour to prevent server overload). You can already check that via Unfollowgram, but since I'm more or less hardcore Instagram user, it would be a killer feature to check that in Instagrille.
I hope you'll see this post and good luck developing the best Instagram viewer out there!

rezamoslem 4 years ago 0
Omono Udo 4 years ago 0

It would be lovely to be able to upload pictures from the computer and also be able to play the new "instagram video"

Nathaniel Basong 5 years ago 0

Deleting photos

Trevor Sivies 3 years ago 0
Pixsta was updated automatically two days ago, but now I am not getting notifications appearing on the FEED.
David Sélem Garcia 5 years ago 0

It would be great that when you want to reply a user using the "@", appears a list of your followers